Blind Poems

by Ann Christine Tabaka


Dark and defiant
The tempest rages
Bulldozing over the forsaken shore
Scrubbed raw by the angry waves
Sand blasted remnants of an old boat
Soggy with time
Rattle and creak with each gust
A lone figure stands guard
Huddled against the rocks
Rain drenched yellow slicker
Pulled tightly about her body
The excitement engulfs her
As she waits for the storm
To tear her open
And quench the fire within


Rejection Letters
Molten hot tears run down my cheeks
falling onto my words
smearing the ink

The sting of rejection
the pain sinks deep into places
that I did not even know existed

Piercing my heart
It bruises the ego
and makes me question my own self-worth

I try to tell myself
that my work has meaning
to keep writing

But with every let down
I sink a bit lower
into the pit of despair

A despair that is so thick
that I cannot wade through it
it suffocates me

Trembling with anticipation
I open each new letter
hoping for acceptance

Why do I put myself out there
for others to judge
again and yet again


He Can No Longer See
He can no longer see
he is blind
not the physical blindness
that comes from illness or age
but a blindness of spirit
blinded to the truth
blinded to all beauty
groping in the darkness
of his own personal disease
feeling his way through life
a life that is desiccated and crumbling
dying of his own want
a greed that is all encompassing
he once had eyes
but they are useless now
he gouged them out himself
years ago
now he wanders aimlessly
through the wasteland of the damned


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