Since the Dawn of the Universe

by Barry GJ Quinn

My affairs began some time ago, each burning bright and long. I saw nine souls over the course of my long life; or eight, depending on how you look at it. Some say I flirted with a tenth. Some souls were smooth, some rocky, some icy cold. Some were solid and some wispy. But all prevailed.

My first affair was with a man who blew hot and cold, depending upon his mood. Some days he held me in his warming embrace, whilst in others he angrily cocooned me in blistering coldness. He was bipolar in nature, with a craggy face and small stature. He was grey all over.

My second affair was with a golden goddess who masked her true feelings deep beneath the surface. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her true inward guise. She was always warm, though, but extremely parched of love. With a slab-like face, she frequently spewed anger in burning eruptions meaning that our love was never without drama.

My third affair was with her twin, a multicoloured being brimming with life. She was the least toxic of my affairs, and purported longevity. She was emotional, though, crying oceans of tears that swamped our love. In parts dry, in parts cold, she had vast intelligence.

My fourth affair was with a sterile man who looked hot, but was icy beneath the surface. With a ruddy glow and an uneven surface, he wasn’t what many would call beautiful. But he was beautiful to me. Many have tried to discover his secrets, but he holds them close to his core.

My fifth affair was with a large-set man with a noticeable bulge around his mid region. But he is pretty to look at; in fact, he has 67 souls constantly trailing in his wake, mooning after his unrequited love. He has a hidden core of immense beauty, but masks it beneath many layers.

My sixth affair was with a yellowish man who wore many rings. He was nice to look at, too, but there was nothing beneath the outward veneer. But he was full of love. In fact, he radiated much more love for me than I gave him. Our affair wasn’t healthy.

My seventh affair was with a ruler of many people, but the coldest of my many affections. He was featureless and bland. He was cold to the touch and, I suspect, cold inside too. He, too, wore many rings, though I fear this is the most interesting aspect of his personality.

My eighth affair was with his twin sister, a being with an uneven icy surface, but one which was cosmically more beautiful. But she keeps her distance from me, so much that her touch is one of the coldest in the known universe. She, too, was stormy in nature, and I could never be sure of her affection towards me. I’d like to think she was grateful for my love.

My ninth and final affair was with a small god whose status is now disputed. But I created him, and I nourished him through his teenage years. He follows me always, feeling little anger towards his demotion. He has a peculiar relationship with my eighth love.

My loves are long and my loves are burning. I hold them all in equal reverence. I think I love them all. I think they all love me. I give them life; they give me hope. They revolve around me.


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