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In What Furnace Was Thy Brain?

by David R. Grigg It began as it always did. A slow rousing as her surroundings took shape: the white room, its corners curved and softened, the light perfectly even, casting no shadows. Then came a growing awareness of her body and its senses. Unclothed, she felt neither heat nor cold nor any draft of air. Only a slight pressure ...
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The Moon Tree

by Jerry Oltion The Moon Tree lost its top last December. Six feet of perfect Douglas Fir, callously hacked off by some selfish idiot out for a Christmas tree. The branches left behind look like the fingers of an open hand, reaching up to cradle a crown that's no longer there. So said the newspaper reporter who covered the story ...
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by Emily Devenport Wraiths can be beautiful, angelically so at times. But most of the time we're thin and unsubstantial. Or at least, that's the way it's been for me. I haven't been doing this for very long, so there are a lot of things I haven't figured out yet. And so far, no one seems inclined to tell me ...
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The Food

by Cameron Thomson For as long as they could remember, the children had had nothing to eat but food. “Must ...
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The Truth About Fireworks

by Catherine Sinow Adara was allowed to ride a bike beyond our street, maybe because her age was in the ...
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Just Looking

by Nick Sweeney It was too narrow to be a balcony, and insensitive friends had cured Alex of calling it ...
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Special Service

by Jim Towns Pittsburgh, PA December 24th, 2017 There were only three other passengers on the trolley when Orrin got on ...
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Overnight Poems

by Edward Ahern The Overnight An empty house has an atmosphere, part breaths of those absent, part echoed laughter and ...
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Nature Poems

by Ken Allan Dronsfield With Charcoal Black Today I'll travel to the swamp and wood to do a little autumn sketching ...
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Blind Poems

by Ann Christine Tabaka Anticipation Dark and defiant The tempest rages Bulldozing over the forsaken shore Scrubbed raw by the angry ...
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Earthquake Poems

by Lana Bella From and In Its Place Your fingers contour me the way this blunt knife sliding home on ...
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