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New Directions

No. 5 November 2017


The Spacehopper By T.A. Barfield
She’d always been a very literal girl.

The Playground of Death By Jennifer Robinette
The old neighborhood was nearly unrecognizable.

The Coldest Day of the Year By Rhianna Herd
No one dared venture out into the streets unless provoked or obligated.

Who She Wasn’t By Scott Archer Jones
I was at the mailboxes on the road when she first spoke to me.


Everything That We’ve Buried By Kyler Campbell
The old timers liked to tell me about what’s buried underneath the lake.

The Camel Boy By Jane Finch
As I watch I see the young boy as he waits for the tourists to arrive.


This is Nowhere (Everybody Knows) Nonfiction by Terry Barr
I used to love walking barefoot through the mall.

Nature Poems Poetry by Ken Allan Dronsfield
Today I’ll travel to the swamp and wood to do a little autumn sketching.

Bio Babies in the Atomic Age Humor by EN Heim
You might say Gwynne, life isn’t the way it was.

When Breath Becomes Air Review by David R. Grigg
This is a very sad book, but one well worth reading.

Snowpiercer Review by David R. Grigg
I ended up really enjoying this movie, which wasn’t at all what I expected.

Socks Fashion by Pete Johnson
Socks might seem to be a strange thing to write about.




Art Credit: Jane Lee McCracken’s niece posed for the cover drawing. The three panels (front cover, back cover, inside front cover) were inspired by the little girl in the red coat from the film Schindler’s List. The cupboard panel (back inside cover) Jane came across in a cottage in Romania.