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The Hell You Say

by Bruce Golden "I don't want excuses, Dweezil, I want perversion, I want hostilities—I want conflict and I want plenty of it!" Nick ran his long, perfectly-manicured fingers through his hair as if his head hurt. The thinning gray strands didn't provide much resistance. "Milksops and dainty Marys—that's what you've been scheduling." Dressed in his favorite black suit, shirt, and red ...
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The Parts Beneath

by Christine Rice Flint, Michigan, 1918 Vida Hitchcock and her parents stood on the train platform in the December drizzle, waiting impatiently for the train that would bring her twin brother home. Everett's and six other boys’ return had been delayed by injuries suffered just days before Emperor Wilhelm abdicated the German Throne and the war wheezed to an end ...
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New Stories

Summer of the Lilies

by Elise Stephens It was the last day of summer in 1982 when Grandma Mary disappeared into the lilies. Three ...
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The Acre

by Claire Younger Martin The day after my fourteenth birthday, I awoke mid-morning and lifted my head from my pillow ...
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Liquid Poems

by Edward Ahern Die Creatures Die Our ancestor’s creations- trolls and elves, witches and vampires are passé. Suited for eras ...
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Snow Poems

by Carl Boon Snow in Tehran I see a picture of a girl walking through a park. Beautiful and amused, she ...
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The Runaway

by David W. Berner My mother handed me a long stick that had fallen to the ground from a high ...
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A Worm Tale

A Work of Nonfiction by Cathleen Townsend I believe there’s a genetic component to empathy. Certainly it can be learned ...
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by M.H. Vesseur III The rails draw two parallel lines across a sheet of paper, because that’s how white the ...
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The Atomic Age

by EN Heim Barrett looked up from the newspaper. He glanced at Gwynne. She was putting a spoonful of oatmeal ...
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